Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Lenten reading (for your soul)

Prof Blosser (AKA pertanacious papist) recommends this series, which is not just about liturgy but has meditations/commentary on the liturgy of the day.

I read it and it is something you read one page and ponder.

At Internetarchives LINK

On the other hand, with my ADHD/getting senile mind, my actual lenten reading  is the mystery series on Brother Cadfael.

and some of that series can also be found on Internet archives.

and some of the BBC TV series can be found on Youtube.

a lot of his herbs can be checked out on Breverton's herbal, (one of several herbal books I brought with me) which alas I can't find on line but is available all over the place for money.

There are other herbals, such as Culpeppers, but they don't have photos to identify the plant.

some of the individual herbs can be found here.

thhe problem with herbs is a lot of them don't work (placebo effect only) or have side effects or are poisonous if you don't get the dosage correct. We had a lot of folks die of herbal poisoning when I worked in Africa, and the government there had an association to register and train herbalists to quantify their drug dosages to cut down the death rate.

finally a trivia note: Christians call Christ the Redeemer, but ancient Anglo Saxons called him the healer.

EnglishHistorical fiction essay on Anglo Saxon medicine.

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