Thursday, March 30, 2017

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Brexit is on!

I watched the speech on the BBC yesterday. We have relatives in the UK, and Joy and Ruby will be going there to represent a local agricultural business group at a trade fair... about pushing Philippine agricultural products. No, I don't know if this is routine or if it means the Philippines is trying to get a trade deal with the newly independent UK...

StrategyPage had a podcast on North Korea last month, but this month's podcast is even scarier.

Not only can they send missiles to Korea and Japan (a traditional enemy) but now can reach the USA.

This is the result of "strategic patience".... sitting back and letting the rogue nations exchange information on weapons of mass destruction.

Of course, if war breaks out, it will be Trump's fault...(/sarcasm). Under President Obama, it was "peace in our time!"

South Korea is in a kerfuffle about removing their last (female) president for corruption.

the result alas will mean getting back a south Korean president who will try to make nice with the North. The North is threatening all and sundry in order to get aid... their people are facing another famine, but donors know that if they send food it will go to the huge military there, not to the starving peasants. Sigh.

And in the meanwhile, the islands built by China (and destroying the local ecosystem with nary a notice by the green community) are now ready for war... taking over the West Philippine sea are also the result of "Strategic patience" by the Obama adminsitration... who refused to defend the Philippines

Obama was more worried about pushing abortion and gay rights on us, and later stopping trade and aid for us to protest the drug war... so Duterte turned to China to help instead.

a lot of the "drug killings", was actually only because the cops were shooting back,  but no one noticed a lot were drug gang murders of snitches or civilians getting private payback... (uh, what about drug and gang related murders in Chicago and Mexico? They didn't count).

 the Philippines no longer trusts the US to defend them, and of course these islands can block major maritme routes to Japan and Korea from Europe and the Middle East

And could China block the Panama canal too? I don't know.

But anyway, this might have more to do with Trump being cautious about blocking Chinese trade than politics...

In the meanwhile, the expected headlines about "US Strikes killing innocent civilians in Mosul" are back. Yes. Just ignore those human shields and those fake reports. But since Trump is in power, expect the militant pacifists, who ignored the drone strikes by President Obama, to go back to work.

Excuse my sracasm. Do gooders take sides against the west, meaning they are the 'useful idiots" (to use Stalin's phrase) of the communists/leftists, or now in the middle east, with the Islamicists. And the murders by the bad guys just get ignored...

Speaking of bad guys; They just shot another priest in Mexico.

Just ignore all those Africans killed by Islamicists, who continue to ignore Micheel Obama's plea to "bring our girls back"....And Kony is still there, depite all that smoke and mirror stuff on Facebook a couple years ago.  AustinBay writes sarcastically.

Facebook, passionate rhetoric and emotional imagery don't stop mass murderers. Protecting civilians from mass murderers requires police and military power sufficient to deter the thugs and, when deterrence fails (for it will) to defeat them.

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