Thursday, March 09, 2017

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Dilbert on how to convince skeptics about climate change.


SP on China and Korea. 

lots of background stuff here on China's population problem, money problem, and why they don't want THAAD missles in South Korea (it could stop them from pushing Korea around with threats).

If you think there are a lot of refugees now, just think what will happen if North Korea implodes... and then there are NoK's WMD...

AlJ laments man made famine in Somalia. Want to fix it? Kill the bad guys who are intimidating aid workers and stealing food.

Somalia has been policed since the early 1990's by the UN (as is the Congo civil war). Including well trained soldiers from Kenya trying to keep the peace. The trouble is that peacekeepers keep the peace, they don't kill bad guys.

on the other hand, this explains the little noticed phone call Trumpieboy made to Kenya's president a couple days ago.

Kenya is having trouble with these "refugees" from Somalia, and deporting a lot of them

so the question is, of course, why they can't be settled in these nearby countries, where there are already a lot of Somalian workers. The answer: these countries don't want them because they cause crime and terrorism.

Trump’s executive order chimes with the position of governments like Kenya. The country has been a generous host, but the welcome towards Somalis soured after a series of high-profile attacks by al-Shabab jihadists on a shopping mall in 2013 and a university in 2015 that killed at least 215 people in total.
Trump's temporary ban on Somali refugees is because the camps are infiltrated by the Islamicists so it is impossible to properly screen the 25 000 refugees that Obama wanted the US to import.Trump's order, of course, merely is a delay to better vent the refugees, not an outright ban. And the news stories always stress widows and children (and gays) being hurt by the "ban", not those who might be considered high risk.

Personally, I'd let them all in, but if you look at the huge number of refugees, that would be impossible for any country to integrate so many.

So one answer is to let some in, and let them send money back home. (as our OFW do, or the Mexicans/Central Americans do in the US, or the Zimbabweans in South Africa do). This money would keep the home country afloat, preventing more crises in the future.

 But that seems to make the Trumpsters unhappy too.

Refugees face a problem of culture shock and integration into the working world after they come to America. Again, nothing new here. The KnowNothing riots were about those poor starving papists whose religion would prevent them from ever becoming "good Americans".

In today's world, the worry is that some of the refugees who are unemployed young men will become terrorists, instead of just joining murderous gangs like previous immigrant groups did. Gangs mainly kill each other, so no problem. Terrorists aim at innocent (rich white) civilians so are seen as a bigger danger. (Yes, I am being sarcastic).

I watch a lot of videos and podcasts, includingf from UCBerkeley and other UCalif sites, but in recent years more and more have been locked.

Now it seems, Berkeley will take all of them off the internet, because an Obama policy insists they need to add closed caption in order for the "handicapped" to be able to view them, and that would cost a lot of money.

Of course, technology would do that for them, but never mind. Who expects governments or universities to be up to date in computer stuff?

Once your video is uploaded to YouTube it takes about a day or so for YouTube to automatically provide closed captioning (CC) for the video. However this has been known to result in some hilarious contents, so rely on it only if you are ok with those or ready to do some editing.
But, your best bet would be checking out transcription companies with YouTube specific expertise. That’s because they offer API integration for YouTube which would make everything so much easier! Something like this.

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the internet has transformed homework for kids too: Ruby is using Khan academy and other sites to help her understand economics and statistics in her high school courses. And they also work on "group projects" via Skype and other chat places. She home schools but these projects are with other students from her high school base school in Manila.


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