Sunday, April 09, 2017

CSI nerve gas

StrategyPage has a long post on what was going on and what is going on now.

But this is something I didn't know. The CSI guys can now tell where the stuff comes from. Which means if they try to use it, they will find who made it and kill the bad guys... and this includes if some bozo decides to set off a sarin bomb outside the region.

Nerve gas is different and the effects are unmistakable, gruesome and often fatal. Moreover the ability to accurately identify the composition or chemical weapons residue has improved greatly since the 1980s. Each batch of chemical weapons is a little different, especially rarely manufactured items like mustard or the various nerve agents (some are a gas some are an aerosol). Chemical analysis can quickly identify the type and identifying profile of the samples taken from a victim or the vicinity of the attack. This analysis was done to some of the Syrian stuff surrendered and destroyed in 2014. That means any use of chemical weapons leaves an informative data trail that can be read and followed.
This is not just Russia and the US and Assad but Iran and Israel and Turkey. And all sides have complicated ties that don't always get noticed in the MSM.

and elsewhere TRex assures folks that ISIS is still the main target. Which is good, because they are still busy killing innocent folks:

March 11, 2017: In Damascus two bombs went off near a popular Shia shrine, leaving at least 40 dead and over a hundred wounded. Most of the casualties were Iraqi pilgrims and either al Qaeda or ISIL was believed responsible.

So who will rule Syria if Assad leaves?

It's still a complicated mess. Sigh.

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