Sunday, April 09, 2017

Family news

the earthquake was far south of here, so we are fine.
I heard a weird rumble and some vibrations (about a level 3 quake) but actually I thought it might be the heavily laden rice trucks going by our home.

Joy and Ruby are back from the UK with lots of photos and stories.

And today, Joy goes with another local businesslady to VietNam for a one week seminar on Agribusiness.

It is the end of the school year now, and Ruby still doesn't know where she will go to high school. Her father now says he wants her to home school her last two years instead of attending in Manila, which means I will be stuck with the bill if she goes there.

but come to think of it, I am paying for her home school fees anyway, and have been for the last two years. So what else is new?

Right now things are on hold, and I am still waiting for the will to be probated... I am the evil stepmother in all of this, since I have petitioned the court to have someone else probate the will... so that everyone gets what my husband wanted them to inherit.. (and no, I don't inherit anything because of a prenup. But I'm still mad that I had to pay for his burial out of my money, when I know he had money in his saving to do this).

Backstory: just ignore the boyfriend in the apartment upstairs. Sigh. In the Philippines, having a boyfriend as a "second wife" is something people ignore if you do it quietly: appearances are what is important. Alas, we are trying to cope with a "walang hiya" shame situation.

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