Monday, April 24, 2017

Holly died for our eco sins

Happy Holly Maddox memorial day march.

The dirty murder by one of the men behind the idea of Earthday.

on the other hand, the dirty little secret is that the philosophy behind all of this "sustainability" stuff are in favor of cutting the population down to 2 million and pushing abortion and birth control (and some even admit it could include euthanasia of the unfit) to do it.

China's one child policy is seen as good: some even dare to say the Philippines should copy them to get rich.

well, why not? Except of course the public might oppose it, as they did in India when they voted out Mrs Gandhi...

but what is frightening is when behind the scenes puppeteers admit their agenda, albeit in smooth words and double speak.

But you don't read about this, because if you dare to question their "science" (or actually, their computer simulations) you are called names and often ostracized (or sued).

But there is a larger agenda, of course, but you can find what is being said in conspiracy sites, John Paul II's encyclical, and in popular culture... Kingsman.

I am not talking about just the "march for science" because this was a leftist march to impose a NWO on everyone.

yet who is questioning the scientists? I mean, we docs know didly squat about meteorology, and some of the articles about how "Climate change" will spread tropical diseases into northern cities just make one shake one's head... uh, you mean like the danger of cholera in London? Yellow fever in Philadelphia?

As for the medical and scientific societies who "backed" it: Well, the AAFP committee backed Obama care despite the fact that most of us didn't back it. So why belong? Because you need to belong to get CME and credentials.

On the other hand, we sit and watch as our "representatives" have become leftist and the ethics committee were filled with pro death people.

So despite the pressure for credentials, many have indeed quit. The AMA, for example, only "represents" 15% of practicing doctors (down from 75% in the 1950's). They blame it on the fact that docs prefer "smaller" groups, but actually I quit them because they not only pushed abortion but their ethics panel in the 1990's decided we should kill living babies with anencephaly to get organ donors.

I only belong to the AAFP because my dues in "grandfathered" in, but they claim they represent over 120 thousand docs: yet they don't ask us about their policies either. Indeed, they just send us stuff telling us what to do and who to support.

And many people belong to several groups: so if you read "groups representing x number", remember that the actual number is lower: Some people are double counted, and a lot  of folks weren't asked if they support this, but told to support this (and as busy docs, we tend to roll our eyes up and get back to our patients).

Related podcasts from Freakonomics: Why is bad environmentalism such an easy sell

they also have "experts" postulating how to form a society for Earth2.0.

I haven't listened to the whole thing, but I wonder about their "examples" of customs that persist even though they are out of date. Yet are they out of date? and even if the ones they cite are out of date, there are other customs that are being dissed by experts that are not out of date. or which have been dropped and now we see the social problem that resulted (e.g. we were told politeness was hypocrisy, so be frank. Now we have micro aggressions and sexual harassment suits).

the problem is not that folks try to make the earth better and help people.

The problem is that some philosophies posit a utopia. And the problem is that when you believe in utopia, those who stand in the way are not just having a different opinion but evil.

It's all in Hayek. What do they teach children these days in schools?

yes I know: we grow and sell organic rice. And I object to pollution.

But it is not my religion, and I hate those who try to manipulate science using emotional arguments.

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