Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Stories below the fold

from SP: India has a fence to keep terrorists from crossing from Pakistan into India and Pakistan is thinking of building a simpler one.

 The new fence design is called five layer because it uses multiple sensors (vidcams, night vision cameras, thermal imagers, ground surveillance radar, seismic sensors and laser barriers) to provide layers of surveillance that intruders have to penetrate to get into India undetected. All the sensors are linked to control centers which can deploy rapid reaction forces or aerial surveillance as needed. All this will make it still more difficult for Islamic terrorists to get into India. The Pakistani fence along the Afghan border will not be this complex but will include 420 small “border forts” that will house troops along with some sensors (like ground radar).
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terrorists bomb subway station in StPetersburg. 
In our prayers.

Trump meets with president of Egypt.

Egypt threw out an elected president when the military (and public) found he was actually a stalking horse for the Muslim brotherhood, who promptly started harassing ordinary people and killing Christians and tourists.

Egypt is Sunni, and this is part of the Sunni strategy of countries that Saudi are trying to unite against terrorism, and against Iran's push to take over Syria by backing Assad. The place is a mess and making nice with Russia and Turkey are part of the complicated strategy.

Trump also is meeting with Xi, but no one in the MSM says he is meeting with an authoritarian aggressor

The Marines on on the ground in Syria, and Trumpie boy sent his Jewish son in law to discuss stuff with the Iraqi government.

Arabs, like Pinoys, recognize family connections are important, so this is a good cultural choice.

don't ask me. I figure if the world goes kaboom it will be because NoKo is upset at fat jokes, and the result will be that China will try to take over Luzon.


the only "war" the MSM is worried about is the one being pushed by the Democrats against the Republicans.

And this disgusts me, because they should be worrying about other things, not just war but the country's economy.

and as the UKGuardian notes: The Democrats may have the press united behind them, but they don't have a lot of Democrats backing their nonsense.

 the real fight is between the Berniites and the Democratic leadership who seems to be a coterie of elites willing to burn the country down rather than recognize what Obama's economic policies did to the middle class.

don't worry, though: The facebook talking points still are that everyone who voted for Tmp is a xenophobic KKK type...and Democrats are busy trying to Bork a mainstream guy for the Supreme court, because their enemy is not terrorism but the Republican party.

in the meanwhile, Drudge implies Susan Rice will take the fall for wiretapping Trump.

nah, she is black and a woman, so untouchable.(/s)


earthquake in Zimbabwe? rewrite the geology books...


Forget Bigfoot: The really important weird sighting story is that of Tasmanian Tigers.

a young man in our barangay just died of sudden cardiac death during his sleep. Sigh.

I posted about tis syndrome on my medical blog.


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