Sunday, April 09, 2017

Ethicist behind Obamacare wants docs to obey

the architect behind the ethics of Obama care just wrote an editorial on the euthanasia pushing NEJM saying that doctors need to leave their consciences behind when they put on their white coats

His position is that physicians must abandon their own moral sensibilities once they don the doctor’s coat.
Interestingly, Emanuel has also supported healthcare rationing, meaning that he believes in certain circumstances that patients should be denied efficacious care, in his case, based on invidious judgments by the medical authorities of the patient’s “quality of life.”
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I have some experience with this, but removed my rants about it because the memories of being punished for not doing abortions in medical school, and memories of fights against the rationing mindset of the IHS bureaucrats, are too bitter for me to relate without a rant.

what save my job was the Civil Rights act of 1964, which said employers could not discriminate for religious reasons.

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