Sunday, May 14, 2017

Bye Bye Hippocrates

A follow up on my "killing grandmom" post.

Now the plan is to force docs to kill, or to refer them for killing instead of finding what their problem is and fixing it. LINK

they tried to pull the same thing when abortion was made legal: I almost was throw out of medical school for refusing to assist in abortions (the Civil rights bill of 1994 came to my rescue) but a Hindu friend lost her appeal and was forced to submit: The hospital claimed Hinduism didn't forbid abortion. Ironically, the Muslim residents were told the same thing, but there were several of them, and they just told the admiistration if one of them was fired, that all of them would quit, so they were allowed to follow their conscience.

The real danger is that the slippery slope here is not being paranoid but is real for those in minority communities.

If Mrs Gay Caswell is paranoid, maybe it is because she is a metis in an idigenous area, and eugenic sterilization of immigrants and indigenous in that area of Canada is a dirty little secret that they still remember.

remember that once you change the idea that docs never kill to the idea that killing is mandatory if "asked", then you get docs  (and nurses) who decide to be god and doing the killing spontaneously, or causing a person to die indirectly, not because the treatement won't really help the patient, but merely because the patient is looked down on as useless, so why hnot?

Once I worked a few weeks filling in at the ER at one of the IHS hospitals in the Sioux area. While I was giving report to my replacement, a moonlighting resident who worked in Baltimore but flew in to help on the weekend, one of the staff members came in to ask if we would check an x ray that the feeding tube was place correctly so they could tube feed a lady with a recent stroke until her swallowing ability improved.

The resident, however, said:" Why don't you just give her morphine, ha ha"... (implying we shouldn't feed her but just sedate her into a coma and let her die of dehydration etc). The staff doctor said "WHAT?", and the resident repeated the same thing.

The staff doctor said quietly: "well, we don't do things that way here", and left, telling the nurse he would be back later in the evening to check the x ray.

I kept silent, since I had no authority here but knew my next door neighbor was a member of the American Indian movement and would have her group intervene if this was done.

But  you know, I wonder how many poor black patients he cared for in Baltimore also got "morphine, haha".

The black community already distrusts the medical community but since elder suicide is seen as a problem for rich white people, they aren't worried about this: yet.

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