Friday, May 05, 2017

Correction time?

My granddaughter instructed me that 13 reasons why was good because it educated students on bullying.

Well, a lot of bullies won't care about such things, but schools could use it to educate their ordinary students to be more sensitive and not think they are one of the "in" crowd by ridiculing others.

Publicity can work both ways, of course..

Trumpie boy has encouraged a lot of bigots to come out in the open, and this is not good news for a lot of kids.

Our family is multi ethnic and multi cultural.

So I worry about children being bullied in school, as I was for being a Catholic, as my sons were for being Hispanic....

Yet it works both ways:

Ironically, my granddaughter is busy chatting on line with others who plan to attend her senior high school next year.

She reports that one chat room friend is ragged all the time for being a Christian believer, despite the school's reputation for being "inclusive".

Trumpie boy's statements on Muslims and immigrants just encourage bullies, but on the other hand, the ridicule on the other side goes beyond ridicule.

Brendan Eich call your office

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