Thursday, May 11, 2017

Family news

Hot season, and the internet was off again... don't know if it is from the heat or because they are fixing the lines, since the landline didn't work either.

Joy and Ruby are in Manila getting their visa for a short vacation in Korea.  Ruby's cousins were going as a graduation present and invited her to go along, and Joy is going as a chaparone. World travelers. Joy has been to Dubai, England, and Vietnam this year, and Ruby has traveled to Japan twice and England once. Joy's trips were business, and Ruby's two trips to Japan were from winning contests.

I was invited along, but said no: I hate to travel and would just be in their way, although I would love to see the area where they film the costume/historical dramas, I'm slow and the girls don't want an old lady slowing them down.

I'm trying to see if my grandson can say hi to them: He is in the US military and may be too busy to run over to see them. We haven't seen him for about six years, since he didn't make it to Lolo's funeral. His mom, however, is scheduled to visit us in August and will be going to Korea to see him while she is in Asia.

and no: despite all the hyperventillation in the news, no one here expects a war, Trumpyboy is playing Sun Tsu/art of the deal, and everyone here understands this..... and no, I am not upset about his firing Comey: President Obama should have done it after he messed up Hillary a few days before the election.

For the last ten days I have been very slothful: Kidney infection from the heat... too many parties for the fiesta and I didn't drink enough water. Now I am better and doing chores.

We sent the backup Washer/spindrier to get fixed (the spin dier motor wore out, probably from overloading).
I also shopped yesterday and today for groceries.

this is an example of what it looks like:

our main washer and drier are separate, and take up more room, but since they tend to break every six months, having a back up is needed, since it's not just the family but the staff who uses them to wash their clothing.

Living here is cheap: But all those little "extras" add up: e.g. coffee, milk, yogurt, snacks etc. I buy a lot because they tend to disappear quickly when Ruby and friends raid the pantry, or the staff wants coffee or gets hungry and know where I store them.

In other news, Spot's five puppies are thriving: One was small and I worried it wouldn't live, but now it is growing okay.

The bad news: The five black kitties of the feral black cat in our spare bedroom are also thriving. Oh well..
You don't dare open the door to feed them, or you are greeted by five black kitties, two half grown kitties, and several adult kitties, depending on who is sleeping in the room.

I will have to throw them all out with another kittie apocolypse, but I still feel bad because the last time I did that, four of the six kittens were killed by our small nice gentle white dog Angel.

IF you are a cat lover, don't move here: Too many feral cats and kitties around. Yes, there are feral dogs, but not many because everyone will adopt dogs, but if one does run away, usually someone quickly kills them because of the treat of rabies. We only "adopted" one stray, but that was because he was half grown and fell into the drainage ditch outside and was covered with mud, and I rescued him thinking he was one of our half grown dogs. She was sick from the chemicals etc in the ditch and cost me about thirty dollars in vet fees to save her life, and her owner didn't want to reimburse us so we ended up with her.

And no, I am not a "cat lady": My bedroom is filled with dogs. Originally only Blackie, who was Lolo's dog, but later Papa dog came in and we left him here because he was old and sick, but now George the Killer lab sleeps here instead of outside...

I just watched the movie Max

and told George: See, George, that is what you are supposed to do if a stranger enters the house. Be friendly to visitors, and kill the bad guys.

George the killer Lab

Uh, never mind, George.

 The problem is that he doesn't distinguish enemies from visitors, and two weeks ago he nipped the masseuse who came to treat Joy's back... luckily he was on a chain so I stopped him before damage was done, but it is a problem.

We are starting to cool down a bit, and have evening showers, so hopefully the hot season is almost over.

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