Friday, May 26, 2017

First lady news and other stuff

Melania pulled out her mom's rosary for the Pope to bless, and the press discovered she was Catholic.

Her family was socialist/communist when she was growing up under the communists, so there might be a religion story here.

she is the second first lady born outside the US, and the second first lady who is Catholic. (but attends the Episcopal church)

And now we are told she spoke Italian in a visit to a local hospital.

and she also speaks

 other languages besides English and her native Slovenian. It's been reported that she also speaks German, French, Italian and Serbo-Croatian.

silly me. I thought she could "barely speak English" and now it turns out she speaks five languages.

and I see the Democrats abroad have organized anti Trump demonstrations... they send me emails all the time on how I have to join the resistance. The emails are really over the top: like they are fighting a crusade against the anti christ. Sheesh.

And who in the presidents entourage released the name of the UK bomber prematurely? The UK Police were keeping it secret until they could pick up his family, and this gave them a headsup...

They will blame Trumpie boy for doing this, but I wonder if it is lack of professionalism among those in his staff,  or a deliberate leak to undermine him.

meanwhile in the southern Philippines, the bad guys are killing civilians and the gov't is sending in tanks.

meanwhile, there was a bomb attack in Jakarta on Wednesday night using a pressure cooker bomb.

and yes, we had an earthquake near here. No I didn't feel it, but the dogs did and woke me up with their barking.

and Duterte made nice and signed some deals with Russia.

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