Thursday, May 25, 2017

For later reading

For later reading: Futurist Jerry Pournelle (libertarian) discusses the long career of James Comey.

The Pope reportedly gave Trumpieboy a copy of the green encyclical.

He gave Trump three bound papal documents that he has written that to some degree define his papacy and priorities. One focuses on the environment, demanding an end to a “structurally perverse” economic system that has turned Earth into an “immense pile of filth.” 
so let's go back to famines and living a green lifestyle in huts?

Maybe Trumpie boy should have given the pope a copy of the encyclical Centesimus Annus, about capitalism and freedom...

no, I am anti pollution, and one of the problems of prosperity is the loss of local valuable farm lands to industrial growth.

In Nueva Ecija, about 25 percent of rice and vegetable farms had been turned into commercial areas, depriving farmers of means of livelihood.

-but it ignores that many many locals have left the area to find jobs in Manila or as OFW due to lack of jobs here, and because farming means staying poor...

a lot of rice is lost due to primitive farming techniques... even our rice crop profit was harmed again this year because our rice drier went on the blink again and it's too wet to dry it the usual way (spread it on the ground in the hot sun).

and I won't even list the numerous scams that divert help for farmers into the pockets of the politicians. link..

and last time I looked, there was a lot of stuff in the Bible about people who defraud the poor.Maybe the Pope whould tweet about that a bit more.

A lot of the corrupt politicians in the Philippines are good Catholics (/s).

also for later reading:
NYtimes on the health care kerfuffle.

No matter how good the plan, we will read how Republicans hate poor people and want to kill them.

As for paying I don't have an opinion. I worked for the IHS, so am leery of single payer plans, but hey, they are better than profit oriented HMO's or having people go to the ER for free care because that is the only place that can't legally turn them away if they aren't insured.

The problem is the paperwork, (lots of money going to non caregivers inflate the cost of medicine) and the second problem is making guidelines replace clinical judgement. (you spend so much time documenting negative trivia that you don't have time to talk to the patient).

The fake news of Trumpie's trip include complaints his wife didn't wear a veil in Saudi, but did wear a mantilla when she saw the pope.

NPR discusses the nuances of head coverings here.

Summary: It's complicated.

Actually, as a doc, I think she should have worn a hat in Saudi for sun protection, not for political reasons, a

And the Pope blessed her rosary says one story. Huh? Yes, she is a Roman Catholic according to Wikipedia, but of course she is married and attends the local Episcopal church with her husband.

That should make the trad/catholics go into a hissy fit.

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