Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Holy Underware

I was watching Braveheart yesterday (one of the dvd's I brought with me but hadn't watched for awhile)

And yes, they showed what was worn underneath the kilt when at one point they "mooned" the British.

but Jamie wears a long shirt under his quilt

ah but what about Clare?

if you remember, she was wearing a 1947 dress, but the locals thought she was only in a shift.

and there is a scene where she puts on the shift and bustle and corset under her costume.

Lots of stuff went undernearth the dress, and this is how you would have to make them.


more about18th century "unmentionables" at East of the sun Blog, via Tea at Trianon.

one of the things that is not well known is that pockets were not part of the skirt/dress back then, but were separate, which of course allowed them to be much larger than the small ones we see now.

3. Pockets A pocket (or a pair of them) was tied around the waist since actual pockets stitched to the garments didn’t happen until the 19th century. They could be of plain linen or be beautifully embroidered (even though no one would see them) and have a rather big size since they should hold all the necessities of a woman (think about all a girl would carry in her purse nowadays).

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