Sunday, May 21, 2017

human trafficking

The press reported Trump's speech to the Coast Guard raduates as a "pity party" but if you actually watched it, it was a good speech, and the whining was only one line in a long speech.

. video here.

and,  you might have missed this part of the speech to the Coast Guard:

Just days from now, you will put this vital skill into the service of your ships, your sectors, and your country.  You’ll serve as deck watch officers on our amazing Coast Guard cutters. You’ll bring law and order to the dangerous waters as boating officers.  You will block illegal shipments of cash, weapons and drugs.  You will battle the scourge of human trafficking -- something that people haven’t been talking about.  One of the big, big plagues of the world.  Not our country only -- the world.  Human trafficking.  
luckily, Trumpie boy  tweeted about this. or we might have missed it completely.

and it's not just talk: Ivanka is on it (ignore the sneers and innuendos here too).

A bipartisan, bicameral group of lawmakers joined Trump, including House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Democratic Sens. Amy Klobuchar and Heidi Heitkamp, as well as anti-human trafficking experts and leaders. Next week is "Combating Trafficking and Child Protection Week" in Congress, Trump said, and nine pieces of legislation will directly address the issue.

in between the snide remarks here, NYMagazine admits:

Unlike other issues she’s grappling with, such as promoting women in the workplace and designing a family-leave policy, the First Daughter appeared to have an actionable plan to introduce legislation that will address human trafficking. “We have been conducting interagency meetings to understand the scope of the issue, as well as gathering recommendations from the academic, public and private sector,” she said during the approximately three minutes that the press was allowed in the room. “Today, we bring an additional and critical group to the table, legislative leaders, to discuss concrete steps through legislation.”

I have read about a lot of small raids in the US in recent weeks (a big sting? A new priority? or ust putting the raids into the news, whereas no one noticed it before).

Ah, but there was a big raid on a horrid internet child porn den here last week. The Austrailians were behind the raid, cooperating with local cops.

Why is this significant? Becauses criminals here in the Philippines traditionally pay off the cops. Now with Duterte, not so much.

Both thse guys are not good politicians, but both are pragmatic leaders who get things done.

so why does every news article include self righteous press negative opinions using memes taken out of contest that have nothing to do with the story being reported? Or memes that ignore the real story (e.g.  the "Russia stole the lection for trump" meme ignores that Wikileaks was about Hillary's dirty tricks and corruption, including stealing the primaries from Bernie...I'm old enouh to remember when reporters won pulitzer prizes for these types of stories.)

Question: Why did Seth Rich go to Wikileaks about the dirty tricks instead of the WaPost? Anyone? Anyone?

But the press takes one remark (or sometimes one paraphrase of a remark out of context) and uses it to smear them.

reading te press, one would think Trumpie has been sitting around whining.
But Dilbert has a list of what he actually has done:

Things That Are Positive The economy Trade deals China relations Russia (our frenemy) is working with the U.S. on Syria, North Korea China is putting pressure on North Korea Jobs Healthcare progress (more to do) Supreme Court nominee confirmed Tax reform maybe Optimism for an Israeli-Palestinian “deal” Safe Zones coming along for Syrian refugees Illegal immigration down over 70% because of Trump’s persuasion alone. Business confidence high.
he's done a lot for a man we keep hearing is "unfit to be president".

Just saying...

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