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The red, white and blue patch, drawn by Marvel Comics' artist Juan Doe, depicted Rocket sitting on Groot's shoulder as they look up to the space station. The insignia was used by CASIS to represent more than 100 science investigations that were launched and conducted as part of the National Lab in 2016. The studies included research related to life sciences, physical and material sciences and Earth observation.

another GOTG Space article here: Dark matter as the real Guardian of the Galaxy.

I just watched this on HBO yesterday, and like the Startrk remake or the other Marvel movies, it is filled with so many special effects that it makes my head spin. But underneath it is about 15 minutes of good plot.

Howeer, AICN say number two, which is coming out now, is really really good...lots of music, lots of special effects and then he mentions this:

Who didn’t love Groot in the first film?   Nobody.   But Baby Groot…  Oh man.   Baby Groot had my wife dying every second he was onscreen – and Baby Groot is why I desperately needed to see the film a second time before writing.  

and number two has more backstory than the first:

UARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL 2 is a story about fatherhood…   How blood can destroy you, how you can hate the father that actually raised you until the very end, and how you can suddenly recognize the fatherhood in yourself, as unlikely as it may give way to. 

This isn’t JUST a silly romp.   There’s emotion throughout.

hmm...someone also wrote that family is also a strong theme in the latest Fast and Furious film...

Artists sort of 'feel' the trends of society before it becomes does this hint that teens are seeking family ties?Or is it just another "LUKE I AM YOUR FATHER" rip off?

I'll have to wait two years til it hits HBO to decide.

oh yes: For those of you who didn't watch the film: Groot dies to save the crew in number one, but before he did he gave his friend Rocket a sprout.

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