Sunday, May 07, 2017

Organic food: Pros and cons

Food grown without chemicals is pushed as being healthier for you (some studies suggest this is not true, but for those of us with allergies, I suspect the lack of chemicals is part of the reason. Better to have small bugs than chemical residue in your organic brown rice).

But the dirty little secret it that it is a gourmet item: a fad for rich yuppies whose religion is healthy living.

Ah but get rid of modern agriculture and people will starve.

The chemicals and "green revolution" have enabled millions of people to live, and GM food will probably revolutionize agriculture, by making it faster to develop disease and insect and salinity resistant crops.

So do you allow GM crops, so you don't need so many chemicals, or do you use chemicals? Because the third alternative is mass starvation, or food too expensive for millions of urban poor to buy.

we grow organic brown rice. Luckily for us, the arsenic problem in rice from contaminated ground water is not a problem here in the Philippines.

which gives us an advantage. The government here is promoting both agricultural exports (fruits and veggies) along with Organic rice (regular rice prices are undercut by Vietnam).

By promoting organic to the growing global middle class, the Philippines is competitive.

Photo is Joy at an agri trade fair in Dubai, promoting Philippines agri products.

When it comes to organic, I have no problem: WHY NOT BOTH?

John Bachelor podcast discusses this from the anti organic side, which tends to be under represented in the MSM.

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