Saturday, May 20, 2017

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Slaves in the US? Yes, the Filipina maid who isn't paid.

as Freepers comment: No, this is alas common, in Saudi, Dubai and Hong Kong. And it wasn't uncommon in the US in the past. The reason? Poverty.

As my husband remarked: You are not poor as long as you have enough rice to eat.

lots of stuff about the mistreatment of foreign workers at Migrant


The hype about Trump "colluding with the Russians" is over the top...

 wasn't the "hacking of the election" the release of information about Hillary's corruption and her dirty tricks used to steal the primaries from Bernie? 

and if Wikileaks is Russian and a threat, then why was Pvt Manning released from jail, (oh look at her new hairstyle, poor dear!) and why are the charges against Julian Assange getting dropped?

Spengler calls it a bloodless coup.

and other people are even more blunt.

I mean, when you lose "TeaAtTrianon", you have a problem. Of course, MariaElenaVidal wrote a biography of Marie Antoinette and how the revolutionaries smeared the queen to overthrow the government. And we all know how that revolution turned out...

 "Oh NO All the Trumpies are Russian Spies converting to the Russian Orthodox church 

apparently none of those fact checkers at Time Magazine recognize St Basil's cathedral.


Suicide on the Indian Reservaation.

Sigh. Yes. A good post of that terrible problem.

IHS page on prevention of suicide on Indian reservations.

Despite the strengths of American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) families and communities, suicide remains a devastating and all too frequent event. Complex, interrelated factors contribute to an increased suicide risk among AI/AN people and include mental health disorders, substance abuse, intergenerational trauma, and community-wide issues. Factors that protect AI/AN youth and young adults against suicidal behavior are a sense of belonging to one's culture, a strong tribal/spiritual bond, the opportunity to discuss problems with family or friends...

this article discusses the problem in Canada.


Inter racial marriage statistics: One in six couples married today, and one in ten of total marriages in the USA.

Yup. Been there, done that.

(headsup Instapundit)


there is a kerfuffle about some beauty queen who said no, health care is not a right.

Actually, that is a fake argument Health care is a responsibility of the family to help out, and if one is poor, then the responsibility falls to local churches/charities and the local community to provide it.

Before efficient HMO's took over, we docs just wrote off a lot of our unpaid bills, and often we supplied medicines (samples or meds we bought to stock our office) for our patients.

Yes I believe the government should supply free medicine for those who can't afford it, which is why I worked for the IHS...but the serious problem of medical rationing is never quite addressed.


and the art article of the day:: artists makes Rambrant SMILE
familOlly Gibbs, 27, from London, decided to use an app on his phone to change the expressions on 'miserable' Dutch portraits and make them happier (pictured, Rembrandt's self portrait before and after its transformation) 


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