Wednesday, June 21, 2017

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Trump meets with tech leaders....

he met with them six months ago during the transition. Sounds like businessman discussing business with each other.


I read an aging Tom Cruise is making Top Gun II...
but the reality is that we don't do that type of stuff anymore.

From 1965-1969, guns accounted for 65% of air-to-air kills, the CSBA says.
But between 1990 and 2002, they accounted for just 5% of kills - with the rest carried out by some kind of missile.
"Modern air combat is almost entirely decided by situational awareness [from radar and other sensors] and missile technology," Bronk says. "All recent air-to-air kills between fast jets were one-sided, quick affairs."Most kills in the last two decades have been against enemy planes too far away to see with the human eye - which means technology often trumps pilot skill.

Via Austnbay at Instapundit.

reminds me of how StarWars used WWII films to imagine their space dogfights.


Why is this news?

Trump aids joke with each other: Chelsey Clinton is aghast and gets a headline in the BBC.

BBC's anti trump bias is almost as bad as CNN...


some industrial giants back a new version of the carbon tax on oil/gas companies.

Under the plan, produced by the Climate Leadership Council which includes the oil giants, taxes would start at $40 per ton of CO2 and rise from there, theoretically increasing the price per gallon (3.8 liters) of gasoline by 36 cents but initially generating $200 billion to be paid as "dividends" to households.

whose households will benefit? Not mentioned in the article.

Translation: The poor will pay more for food and transportation and cooking.

The rich politicians will get money to help the poor (and pocket part or all of the money).

here, when LPG or diesel goes up, it harms the ordinary folks: Tricycle drivers get less profit, the poor have trouble buying LPG to cook with (they use wood, leading to fires and asthma in their kids). Using a handplow, thresher, and rice driers get more expensive, so the price of rice goes up. The price of transporting food and rice to the market goes up too, leading to higher prices for everything.

But never mind: The politicians will get rich.

some folks agree: from Wikipedia:

In most instances, firms pass the costs of a carbon price onto consumers. Studies typically find that poor consumers spend a greater proportion of their income on energy-intensive goods and fuel, and cost increases in energy tend to impact the poor worse than the rich.[238] Therefore, if the revenue from a carbon tax is retained by the government, a price on carbon is expected to be regressive, similar to any policy that increases the cost of fuels and energy.


losing passwords costs businesses money.
yeah, I have to change them all the time for "safety" then find the business or gov't site has been hacked anyway.

Password joke of the day:.


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