Monday, June 05, 2017

Casino was "AMOK" not terrorism

The guy who started a fire that killed several dozen innocent employees and customers at a Manila Casino was a know "high roller" who was deep in financial trouble. He had been banned from several casinos, so he hit at one where he was not known.

When this type of crime happens, usually it is called someone going "amok"... they snap.

The last time this happened, a dozen Chinese tourists were killed by a cop who had been fired for corruption, but usually amoks just kill their family or friends with a machete.

My first question on this was how did he get the gun (Marcos confiscated guns years ago... most people have them illegally of course). Well, apparently he was a gun dealer.

The real question of course is this (in the comments):

J de la Cruz • 2 hours ago Remember their investigations revealed that he rode a taxicab kuno to RWM with bottles of kerosene or gasoline and a long assault rifle. How can you lug all of those to the casino without getting noticed? Their stories has a lot of holes.

uh , yes.

I mean, here you get frisked when you go to the mall, and to get into the bank, you pass a security guard with a shotgun or handgun. They even have a sign that you have to leave your gun with the security guard at the door.

So did the casino lack security?

And at Rappler, the President asked this question: Why were the people trapped inside? 

One question – bakit walang exit na marami (why weren't there many exits)?" the President said on Sunday, June 4.
"The hotel has to explain to us bakit walang mga exit kaagad (why the victims were unable to leave immediately). He hit in the small rooms, [the] storage [area], and in the toilets, in the comfort room, and they died of suffocation. And to think there's only one son of a bitch running a rampage there," Duterte also said.
A lone gunman, identified as former Department of Finance (DOF) employee Jessie Carlos, had stormed Resorts World Manila in Pasay City past midnight on Friday, June 2. Armed with an M4 automatic rifle and a bottle of gasoline, he fired shots and set gaming tables ablaze in the casino.

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