Friday, June 16, 2017

Civil wars and other "WAGD" stuff

I am starting to read stuff on my non political blogsites that worry a shooting civil war is nigh in the US. Even my non political sites are worrying about this.

No it's not because racists hated Obama, which is the meme, but goes back to the demonization of Barry Goldwater, the passage of Roe V Wade, where the courts started to pusth the elite agenda on people,  and got worse when go't regulations without being passed by congress started interfering with life.

the Muslim extremists killed a lot of Christians, terrorized a lot of folks in the south and are dug in without a lot of press coverage of these atroities, but hey, the press and "human rights" folks are blaming the gov't when they try to remove them house by house. And Ruby relates the SJW on the "social media" are too busy hyperventillating about worry of "martial law" than they are about the threat.


the really bad worry is that this Pope is trying to change the Church into Episcopal lite, and we are now reading bishops are pushing his "who am I to judge" ideas.

However, it won't stop at adultary or gay sex: Now he is adding a pro abortion non catholic philosopher to the Pontifical academy of life"

The Pope iappointing tagle like cardinals, who will presumably elect his successor in his own image, as Obama pushed Hillary.

And the only weapon that we ordinary lay people have is our rosaries to oppose this.

Malachy Martin call your office.


That terrible London fire resembles something we could easily  have in Manila. What went wrong?

was the "cladding" bad because it was Chinese counterfeit goods, or was it just eco friendly so they ignored that it could burn?

UKGuardian article here blames "sustainable" agenda for allowing flammable products to be used on buildings. I guess we will learn a lot about insulation and "cladding" after this investigation is done.

some people were discussing that it started when an "eco friendly" refrigertor that used propane as a refrigerant blew up, but why did it spread so quickly.


StrategyPage article on Nigeria. The war against Christians and modernity there.

corruption is part of the issue, and locals are starting to form vigilante protection groups.


The UN is being asked to stop "cultural appropriation".

Presumably this means the Ingarot can't sell Objibwe dream catchers as a souvenir in their store.

and presumably it means that the primitive natives of Kentucky can stop this type of thing... the first Filipino Colonel.

they are going against Jolibee, who serves traditional Pinoy dishes like kentucky style chicken, Pinoy Spahgetti, and of course hamburgers.

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