Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Hacks and apps and Siberia oh my

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Dilbert analyzes the Putin stole the election meme and points out it doesn't pass the sniff test.

Summary: Lots of hackers were stealing lots stuff from "insecure servers".. And lots of countries were trying to influence the election. So what else is new?

related item: AnnAlthouse links to Oliver Stone's interview about his Showtime special on Putin... leftist Stone meets a hostile audience for not obeying the meme. Heh.

StrategyPage notes China is are taking over all the sea routes and possibly the land routes, which means they could have a stranglehold on trade in the near future.

and note the neo colonialism aspects of their investments, which encourage local corruption.

if you read the whole thing, it mentions the Philippines.
May 20, 2017: President Duterte says China threatened war if the Philippines went ahead with plans to drill for oil in offshore areas that international law recognizes as Filipino but that China claims actually belongs to them. Duterte openly criticizes other nations for not confronting China. All the South China Sea nations facing territorial losses because of Chinese claims have backed down. He points out that even the United States is unwilling to go up against China. Meanwhile the Chinese are openly moving more weapons to bases in the South China Sea as well as their main naval base in southern China (Hainan Island). When pressed a few Chinese officials would admit that in recent talks between Duterte and Chinese leaders it was mentioned that war was a possibility if other nations sought to take possession of Chinese territory. In other words (that non-Chinese can understand). Back off or die. Duterte later said he may have exaggerated a bit.

Remember that President Obama told the Philippines not to be "aggressive" against China when they dredged up the sea floor to build their artificial islands. Did money change hands here? Anyone?

I mean China tried to "buy" the area by bribing a previous Philippine president in 2005... 2011 story here.
and here.

this lovely ex president was released from house arrest after Clinton Ally Clooney took her case to the UN and insisted it was a political prosecution.

(The bribes were given to her husband, not her, ergo she never took a bribe).

and Bill Clinton's helping China get missile technology is an old story...What about all those lovely gifts  in the past?

But the good news is that people just noticed Trumpie boy owns businesses and that is a potential conflict of interest.

Well, yes, and this should have been investigated during the campaign, but wasn't...

in the meanwhile, despite what you read about China being buddies with Putin, the dirty little secret is that China will eventually try to take over eastern Siberia, (NYTime story 2014)..which they also claim they own somehow... and eastern Siberia has lots of economic ties with Chinese with lots of Chinese moving there who could be fifth columnists.

in other words, there is a lot more going on than you think, and Putin is a potentially ally in many of these potential war zones.


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