Thursday, June 29, 2017

Happy Astreoid Day (June 30)

David Reneke notes that June 30 is Asteroid day

and the guy who is behind the celebration is a rock star (literally).

A celebration of asteroids in space Friday, June 30th has a rock star behind the international awareness that one day the sky will be falling with Solar System interlopers promising, “We will rock you!” Asteroid Day is a United Nations sanctioned event world-wide that had its start in 2014 with the help of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame guitarist Brian May of the British group Queen. Guitarist May, 69, is an astrophysicist with a PhD from Imperial College, London, completed during 30 years of studying the dust in our Solar System we can see as zodiacal light.
Dr Brian May, CBE, PhD FRAS, is a founding member of Queen, a world-renowned guitarist, songwriter, producer and performer, also a Doctor of Astrophysics

why June 30? It is the anniversary of the Tunguska event. which could have been from a rock meteor air burst or a comet fragment.

This post shows a comet, not a falling star/meteorite, but aside from that it is true:

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