Monday, June 19, 2017

The Good news of the day

No, Niburu is not real, assures DavidReneke...

Answer: With apologies to all the fine ladies in the Red Hat Society, this preposterous urban legend of an invisible planet on a collision course with Earth seems to be straight from the Tinfoil Beanie Brigade.
I should know. Back in 2003, an acquaintance started warning me in the spring to get right with my Maker because Nibiru/Planet X was already well into our solar system and bearing down on Earth for a doomsday smashup that fall. During months of exchanging emails, I tried to use my knowledge of astronomy and other logic to try to prove that her “evidence” sounded like a plot from Guardians of the Galaxy.
I finally gave up, and, not surprisingly, I’m here today writing about it. Meanwhile, like all the other predictors of the end times through the centuries, the Nibiru fanatics are once again using Windex to clean their crystal balls and readjust their dates accordingly. Meanwhile, I stand by my conclusion that the closest you’ll ever come to Nibiru is seeing the so-named volcanic planet make a cameo appearance in the very fictional “Star Trek: Into Darkness.”

guess I'll have to go back to worryingabout typhoons, floods, earthquakes and dengue fever...

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