Monday, June 19, 2017

When Anti Catholics get things mixed up

Drudge has a link to the daily beast about a satanic exorcist cult trying to take down the pope, or something like that.

I stopped at paragraph five, when the poorly written article connects this tiny splinter offshoot with Cardinal Burke and the Dubia bishops.

Burks' sin? questioning if the latest Pope letter that he claims was supported by the bishops meeting (despite the fact that it wasn't) to normalize adultary and divorce and make the holy reception of the Euchrist only a feel good exercize for anyone who wants it.

Paul said the sae thing, but never mind. This is a serious item and is threatenig schism in the church, and presuming any Catholic who agrees with Paul (the apostle not the pope) is a devil worshipping cultist is a bid absurd.

In other wrods, a smear article against catholics who are catholics. Using a "straw man" argument.

And the Daily beast's editor once wrote an editorial lamenting she would be leaving New York City and living in Washington, where she might have to actually meet (shudder shudder) "Christians".

If a good Catholic site actually reads and analyzes this nonsense, I'll link to it later.

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