Monday, July 10, 2017

Family news

Ruby just finished a one week seminar on sustainable development/farming for high school kids.

Some group that I never heard of sponsored it, but hey, what do I know: I'm a doctor and not into either education or farming.

The dogs remain well, and no more cases of distemper... but we have to wait two more weeks just in case... all are well, except for Papadog, who is very old.. last night I sent him outside at 3am, but he didn't return and I fell asleep. When it became light, we couldn't find him... but when I called, I heard him bark at a distance. When we went upstairs to see if he had wandered up there, I looked down and found him behind a trashbin that he had upset and in the drainage ditch outside. fa

We got him in, and two seconds later he tried to go outside again. He rarely leaves the area except for one thing: I suspect one of the neighborhood dogs is in heat. I mean, he is old (at least 13 years old, partly deaf, partly blind, arthritic, and with a huge hydrocoel) but he is not yet dead, and still likes the ladies. Hence his name...

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