Thursday, July 27, 2017

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SP report on China: putting spyware on phones, their Turkish minority problem and getting rid of corruption.

So far in 2017 0ver 201,000 government officials have been punished for corruption. That is on track to match the number punished for all of 2016. What is most encouraging is that many more very senior officials are being hit and hit hard with jail time and confiscation of what they stole. 
they also report on China's push to steal Indian land China's workers in Pakistan and their new silk road project, and if you read down to the bottom, they summarize China's aggression in the West Philippine sea.


NotDeadYet: remembering the victims of the Sagamihara massacre:

One year ago, 19 disabled people were brutally stabbed to death by a young man who justified his murderous attack by saying disabled people “live like animals, not humans” and that “it’s better that disabled disappear...

BBC: an IT debacle in Sweden that is affecting their government.

In 2015, the agency Transportstyrelsen awarded its IT maintenance contract to IBM, which then gave the work to subcontractors in the Czech Republic and Serbia...

and all their drivers' data was stolen. DUH.

Now if only someone could follow up on China's stealing of my federal personnel file information...

and in the meanwhile what is going on with the Hillary operative who hired Pakistani IT guys for congress? The FBI arrested him for trying to flee the country after sending a lot of money there, and confiscated his  (smashed) hard drives a couple of days ago, but I an only find articles on it in right wing sites.

Islamophobia of course, says his lawyer.

Which is why only Amazon has the guts to do a TV show about ISIS' atrocities.

of course, Amazon is so Non PC that they hired 
Jeremy Clarkson...

headsup Instapundit who notes a lot of US TV shows have become part of the (Democratic) "resistance"...

Oh well: Back to K dramas.

BBC article on the Basque language.
more HERE.

goodbye Flash.


Homicide of women analyzed by the CDC... since often the offender was never married to them, it is now labeled "IPV": Intimate partner abuse, which explains about half of these murders. And 15% were pregnant.

I read elsewhere that churches were being pressured to reteach men not to abuse their wives, but the article noted that actually most of the abusers rarely went to church, and as I noted, often they weren't married... but I have referred some couples to their bishop or clergyman for counseling, rather than to a lay counselor (whose sympathy to complaints can be interpreted by the abusing party that they were right to correct their partner in this way).

for awhile, we docs were told to ask all our women patients about abuse, but this backfired when (white or immigrant) doctors asked the question and the (black or AmerIndian) patients interpreted this as implying prejudice against their ethnicity.

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