Monday, July 24, 2017

Louis XIV part two

Internet archives has two of Warnie Lewis' books on Lous XIV for your reading pleasure



yes this is the brother of CSLewis, but his books are fairly easy to read: I read the first book years before I was aware that they were related (Lewis is of course a common name).

You can also find Durant's history series there. This is the link for the Age of Napoleon...the rest you can google yourself.

I had the entire set (bought used) but only brought three of them with me, because of their weight in hardback.

Lous XIV made Versailles to keep his nobles busy (So they wouldn't go to war as they did in the Fronde). But his son, Louis XV, was the real libertine... alas Louis XVI was young and naive and weak, so inherited the sins of his predecessors:

and this  explains why there was a revolution, in song:

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