Saturday, July 08, 2017

Migration story

MigrantRights has the story of Ugandans who seek work in the Middle East: NO opportunities at home is the main reason.
Everyone agrees there’s not much of a future for youngsters in the country. “Just take me to Dubai. Leave me in the middle of the road. I will succeed,” Murshid Garwango says, or rather, raps.
Latifa Mahmoud, sitting next to Murshid, shakes her head in amusement. She knows success can’t be guaranteed. She went to Ras Al Khaimah in November 2014, with the help of a ‘friend’. She was promised a job in sales....

read the whole thing (and part 2 when it is posted).

This is also the story of our Filipino OFW's. We are famous for our OFW nurses/home care workers, but most of the work is blue collar jobs or as maids.

Why go? Well, because they want to improve their lives and the lives of their extended families.

Ten percent of our population work or have immigrated to other countries. You see ads and offices offering help with finding jobs, and the ads for schools note that if you graduate you can migrate "to Canada" or "Australia" or even "The US" (the US is the most coveted, but Canada is easier to find a job). we evven have training for supernannies so they can be paid at a higher rate. Nursing is advertised as a way to get an overseas job... and if you can't make the grade, you still can be hired as a healthcare worker or higher paid nanny.

So we have relatives in Germany, the US, Canada, and the UK... and relatives who have done stints in Kuwait and Saudi.

So when you read about problems in the Middle East, remember it is not just oil; war there has implications to many other countries in Asia and Africa.

and so why should folks be surprised when Europe announces they will accept "refugees" and find they are flooded with Africans who just want to find a job.

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