Saturday, July 29, 2017

Miscellaneous links:: Sound effects, rare earth metals, and what the silk road means to history

TYWKIWIDBI blog has this link on Dunkirk's sound effects.

quick, before the copyright cops find it's there: an audiobook on the silk road.

the argument is that history should be seen as a whole. Given that the IndoEuropeans, the Huns, the Mongols etc all came from the steppes, that is a good argument.

a good series of lectures on this can be found here:


much of the old silk road was under the USSR and is now independent. China is taking advantage of this, and plans to change the world's economies.

of course, to get a monopoly on the sea routes, they have to take over the West Philippine sea... something made possible by President Obama's wishywashy defense of the Philippines against this aggression against us and the sea lanes, and of course, his criticizm of Duterte and denial of weapons that we needed for our cops to fight both druggies and ISIS..

However, China has been stopped by the Persians and the Arabs in the past:

the Battle of Talas in 751 AD.


stock market hint: Invests in super elements.

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