Friday, July 07, 2017

Philippine news

like ost countries, until recently, Philippine women worked "axillary" jobs in the military until recent years.

COMBAT POSITION A female sniper from the Army’s 1st Infantry Division looks for the enemy from her post.—ARMY PHOTO

so now we have this photo of an unidentified female snipr in the Inquirer, and the story of one solider fighting the terrorists in the south.

Womaerwoman, call your office...

in other news, China is still threatening to grab sea areas to the EAST of Luzon.

well, why not? Obama pressured Pnoy into not stopping them stealing the fishing grounds off our west coast, and China is ignoring the international court that said these islands are illegal (but is doing nothing to punish them or stop them).

Dutert tried to make nice with China but it doesn't seem to be working. Sigh.

and a good view on the "war on crime" and corruption cases can be found by perusing our local paper.

but the crime everyone here is talking about is a terrible crime by a druggie in nearby Bulacan. Sigh.

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