Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Russia Russia Russia? The real danger is China fellahs

China is busy harassing the US for keeping the sea lanes open... 

Freedom of navigation operations work best when they’re routine in nature and don’t make news. They serve to help the US establish the facts in the water, but in the South China Sea, those facts all indicate Chinese control.
When Chinese military jets fly armed over head, when Chinese navy ships patrol the waters, and when Chinese construction crews lay down the framework for a network of military bases in the South China Sea, the US’s allies in the region notice.
An increased US Navy presence in the area won’t turn back time and unpave runways, but it could send a message to allies that the US has their back and won’t back away from checking Beijing.

Obama not only looked the other way when China first kept our fishermen out of the shoals, then continued to pressure us when China dredged up the sea bed, destroying the environment, to build their artificial islands... He even told the Philippines not to defend our fishermen or the environment when China started their takeover.

True, the courts ruled in favor of the Philippines, but without someone willing to enforce international law, it is a meaningless piece of paper.

the Philippines is the weakest link, but not the only one standing in their way.

they are harassing VietNam for seeking oil in their own coastal areas... and VietNam hates China, since they were once a colony of China and theoretically China could try to reassert their ancient sovereignty...

China is also busy threatening India in the Himalayas, where they slowly built roads and moved the military into these empty areas, and now claim India is threatening them...DUH.

And don't even look at their Indian ocean ports.

ah, but CNN is Russia Russia Russia all the time...

Maybe when they have to evacuate the embassy in Manila they'll pay attention?

The press seems to be ignoring this bigly, since to defend the Philippines it would mean supporting both Trumpie boy and Duterte.

Duterte gave his "State of the Nation" address yesterday, and all the usual leftists and their paid flunkies were out demonstrating against Martial law.

But the good news is that a "facebook poll" (i.e. the elite) gave him over 50 percent approval rating... I suspect the tricycle driver/farmer  poll will be higher.

Duterte is still mad at the US for "punishing" him for his drug war, preventing our police from getting weapons that they now need to fight off ISIS...(However, China supplied them... so now they wonder why Duterte is making nice with China? and they are helping our anti drug war) and of course the US MSM only gives him publicity when his candor makes a good headline.

The US press bias is worse than the local papers, because although the local papers criticize him they do not ridicule the Philippines per se.., so their news is not one sided like much of the US press.

The local papers  even notice the lovely lady who is a hero on CNN for defending "civil rights" might deserve to be in jail...

No, China is not popular here in the provinces, but half the Manila elite oligarchy has Chinese ancestors...and they essentially run our economy, and they know how to cooperate with our politicians.

Duterte remains popular, and crime went down in our area.

so who do you believe? The MSM or your lying eyes?

Dilbert says while you were looking the other way, Trump is on the verge of winning bigly on health care.

 No, I'm not following the story, since, as I said, CNN seems to be "Russia russia russia" all the time in their coverage.

and I'm avoiding facebook because of the political battles from both sides that exaggerate and demonize those they disagree with.

Who was it that said: Come let us reason together?
That was LBJ quoting Isaiah, and he (a southern rednck bigot) not JFK who got the Civil rights bill passed in 1964...

and I'm old enough to remember he was hated, not just by Republicans but by the elites in the Democratic party for being uncouth and by the "anti war left" who were in the pay of the USSR...

History redux.

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