Monday, July 31, 2017

Shoe related post of the day

How to make sandals.

I find his videos fascinating because they actually do start from scratch. But of course, they seem to be in the NE USA area.

here, our traditional Barkya are rarely seen: Instead folks either wear cheap "flip flops" from China, or locally made fashion Tsinelas...

that undercuts local products (a problem with a lot of local industries: an underpriced currancy and low wages allow China to undercut prices that bankrupts local industry.. a problem with our sandals and our rice... and also a growing problem in parts of Africa)

So what is the answer? You go for high end products (such as our organic brown rice, or in the case of sandals, fancy well made designer sandals).

our town produces many styles to sell, and we have a tsinelas festival every year.

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