Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Stories below the fold

Turkish opposition leader rally has hundreds of thousands attending.

The president there blamed America for a coup (because a main opposition leader lives there) and then jailed the opposition.

Turkey is part of the complicated Syria mess, making things worse because they are killing the Kurdish anti ISIS folks, (because the Kurds in their eastern regions want autonomy)  and of course they are a member of NATO.


SP on Afghanistan: It's tribal, and the drugs are fueling the wars.


The latest Pacman conspiracy theory.

after the Pac-Horn fight I was shocked especially because Horn was about to lose on a TKO. The ref was going to stop it. But Horn wasn’t tapping out. Apparently, that was enough to win against Pacquiao these days. The ref should have protected Horn and ruled him out. But that was Manny’s last best hope. Did Horn get some kind of jolt to win the last two rounds? No. But he fought on. And then the judges–unbelievably–gifted him (points)...

Lots of folks say he should have won. The last time he lost was after he accidentally said marriage was between a man and woman. Wonder what he said this time... or maybe because he is now in politics, or maybe it is "follow the money", as the writer discusses.

 Rwanda's Peace Clubs.

how do you ask forgiveness from those whose family you killed?


Hate crimes in America.

alJ and SPLC find lots of them at white colleges.


also from AlJ: Chinese disadent and Nobel Peace Prize winner is in hospital but authorities say he is "too sick" to travel elsewhere to get treatment.

Liu, 61, was diagnosed with liver cancer in May while serving an 11-year sentence for inciting subversion after he helped to write a petition known as "Charter 08" calling for basic human rights and sweeping political reforms.
">The Nobel Peace Prize laureate was recently moved from jail to a hospital in Shenyang to be treated.
Beijing has come under fire from rights groups over its treatment of Liu and for waiting until he became terminally ill to release him from prison. 

SP has an article on the economic picture of Nigeria. Support the farmers!
and explains why some anti Christian attacks are just the traditional herders encroaching on farmer's land.


austinbay reports of a film of NorKors leader visiting his missile site.

Smile: You are on candid camera!

who will rid me of that troublesome priest said Henry II when the bishop dissed him.

ah but where are the troublesome priests (and other clergy) in the USA?

Msgr Pope discusses (via TeaAtTrianon). Without prayer one tends to burn out.

O'Briens' book Eclipse of the Sun has this problem as a subplot.

TRex tries to defuse the Gulf dispute.

it's really about Saudi telling Qatar to stop making nice with Iran.
remember: lots of OFW and a US military base in Qatar.

AmInternational blames "both sides" for human rights violations in the liberation of Mosul.

The headlines will blame the Iraqi forces and US for bombing innocent civilians, so expect lots of headlines and horror by the SJW, ignoring this:

According to the report, ISIL fighters rounded up residents in contested villages and neighbourhoods and forced them to move into conflict zones in west Mosul for use as human shields. As clashes neared, they trapped the civilians inside houses without access to food or medical care, it said.
Mosul Amnesty acknowledged the challenges of protecting civilians given ISIL tactics but blamed Iraqi authorities and the US-led coalition for failing to take feasible precautions to protect civilians from air attacks. It said leaflet drops warning of attacks had been virtually useless because ISIL heavily restricted civilian movement.
The reason I am putting this up is that we see the same type of propaganda in the South, along with the SJW lamenting "Marshall law" there that allows suspected supporters to be rounded up.

The dirty little secret is that the SJW's and the press are easily manipulated.

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