Thursday, July 20, 2017

Stories below the fold

The Aftermath of the Battle of Mosul will include a lot of payback to locals who "helped" the terrormasters. 

and many western volunteer who get away could return home and bring their murderous skills with them.

and what will happen if the Kurdish referendum in Sept votes for independence? 

read the whole thing. A complicated mess (and it has been that way since at least 1500 BC).


Hanta virus: It's Back
We had an outbreak awhile back when I was working in New Mexico... luckilywe didn't have any on "the res" but at least two cases in nearby communities meant it was around.

ComicCon: A place to recruit for support for the space program.

Dogs vs Wolves: It's in the genes.



A discussion of the latest crackdown HERE. and HERE.

I bring this up because one of Ruby's highschool kid chat rooms on facebook includes a Chinese student who got back on somehow... she said it was hard to get connected, but no details...


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