Monday, July 31, 2017

Stories that make you go "HUH?"

there are an estimated 100 billion inhabitable earth like planets in the Milky way.

in case you want to leave.

Dilbert says Trumpie boy has gone from being Hitler to being incompetent, something he predicted six months ago.

He predicts the next meme is well, he is competent but we don't like his  policies.

Lots of Washington scandals:  Roger Simon lists those that need to be checked out.

the Obama administration snooping into American citizens is a huge scandal.

Of course, we are being conditioned to accept no privacy as the norm. Am I the only one who thinks the movie The Circle is propaganda? Ironically, much of the "advantage" they tout of non privacy used to be stuff that your family and neighborhood took care of in the not so distant pass...I mean, why doesn't she visit her parents instead of going on line and snooping on them?

The "Transgender meme ignores physiology. Yes, an ex Seal can become a "woman", but one doubts that she would have passed the training with that lack of muscle mass produced by testosterone.

Indeed, when a trans tennis player wanted to compete with women 20 years ago, and women objected saying she had an unfair advantage, this was the argument the officials used to approve her in competition.

Because of the hormones she took, she lost 30 percent of her muscle mass and 40 pounds, taking her down to a weight of 142. 

more technical details here.

the main problem is not accepting a psychologically stable, post transition person (with an individual waiver) but in making the military pay for the transition, which has many physical and psychological problems during the transition, which can take several years and could interfere with the ability to serve.

Of course, one could say the same thing about pregnancy, one of the dirty little secrets of the new unisex army... luckily most soldiers are not in combat positions so this can be worked around.

But the problem no one wants to discuss is the agenda behind this: i.e. it had more to do with social engineering than with military readiness

Obama pushed the agenda as a way of indoctrinating the rest of the troops to "accept" the radical Feminist gender theory that are behind the transgender push... ideas that are incompatible with science and religion (even Pope Francis objects to this) and could discourage many competent soldiers with a faith background from not entering, or even leaving the military due to it's toxic environment.

And attention NYTimes: Private Manning, who wrote your editorial, was a convicted traitor who endangered the other troops in Iraq.

 Why the press doesn't notice these things I will never know...

Not everyone can join the military: if you need medications you need a waiver, such as for those with asthma. Other medications needed are not allowed This includes medicines for ADHD and hypertension. The reason? If there is a war, you might not be able to get your medicine.

medical article here.

The Dirty little secret of modern warfare: yes, even "support services" who are supposed to be behind lines and non combatants could easily find themselves fighting. That is why even cooks and nurses and docs like myself had to pass PT tests and go to the rifle range to shoot. (although I finally got a waiver to allow me not to use a firearm or shoot a rifle for religious reasons).


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