Monday, July 03, 2017

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Bubonic plague in the Bronze age?

....I link to the articles and discuss. And yes, IHS docs see cases on the Navajo reservation now and then...

Cameroon with the help of the UN is wiping out the scourge of elephantiasis with a yearly pill for everyone.-

Don't look now, but the narcotic overdose reversal drug isn't working with the latest opioids being spread by the cartels. original article UKMail

my thoughts on the health care act. 

don't ask me: I worked for the feds.

Nope, we family docs don't always follow your elite studies and opinions, and I explain why

it comes down to "Garbage in/garbage out", and of course, we have to work with ordinary people (who forget to take thirty percent of their pills).

Original article here

There has been legionaires' disease outbreak at health care facilities

 and among babies in "water births"...


it's in the water...


Zika update from CDC.


my observations on what could become common once we inculturate docs into killing patients.

Women and minorities at most risk...the incident I relate happened at an IHS hospital in the Dakotas, but the moonlighting physician was a resident in an inner city hospital in Baltimore.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

did Beethoven die of lead poisoning because cheap wine back then was sweetened with a lead compound? And could this, not lead pipes, be one reason for lead poisoning in ancient Rome?

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