Sunday, July 30, 2017

Yes, I'm feeling snarky and non PC today

Stuff around the net plus comments:
Yeah Reminds me of all the activist type students when I was in college. I had to study to keep up my grades and for my scholarship, and work part time. They had money to go all over and protest...

from SenseOfEventsBlog.


IT’S ALL ABOUT POWER — A SIGNAL THAT THEY CAN FORCE YOU TO WASTE YOUR TIME ON B.S. Engineers baffled by ‘microaggression’ workshop at conference.

From Instapundit:

FirstKnownWhenLost has a lovely essay on the dream of moving to an isolated quaint cottage and finding peace and quiet.

Yes, I have such dreams too, but then I realize I have already moved to a small town in a tropical paradise, and have more peace and quiet than I know what to do with...

Dreaming of a quaint cottage ignores the reality behind the life, unless of course, you have servants, modern electricity, appliances, and running water.

Go back to the good old days when you had to carry in all the water you use, wash and iron your own clothing and bedsheets etc. in a pan

not to mention, cook fresh food from scratch on a woodstove

 and of course, put up with all sorts of little critters flying or running across your floor.

yes, it is lovely, as long as the roof doesn't leak, the plumbing works, the internet is on line, the electricity is working, the airconditioner is available, the cook doesn't have her day off, and of course as long as there are no earthquakes, floods, or typhoons.


and here is a lovely article about England's beautiful countryside.

his is also a dream, but again I realize that those who dream about living in Downton Abbey forget our ancestors were the ones who would be scrubbing the floors or doing the laundry ...

and of course, even in the Downton Abbey series, the family had problems: one daughter died in childbirth, a visitor died of the Spanish flu, and of course Matthew died in a car wreck at 20 miles an hour (no seatbelts or air bags, and no ambulances to take you to a trauma center).

and don't forget the wonderful fashions of yesteryear: Corsets, bustles, hoop skirts etc.

Or if you go back further in history:

 Wikipedia on Ruffs:

it makes you appreciate the modern fashion of wearing jeans and a teeshirt.

finally: Duterte's war on drugs is working:

Local syndicates have moved to Indonesia to ship their drugs all over the world

Waseso said he believed that 72 international drug syndicates were operating in Indonesia.
The drugs chief said Indonesia would not replicate the bloody war on drugs in the Philippines under President Rodrigo Duterte, in which hundreds have been killed, though he praised its aims.
“I never say that we have to follow the Philippines. We have our own laws,” said Waseso. “I have to say, though, that Duterte’s policy shows he is taking care of his citizens.”
Waseso said there was evidence of syndicates re-directing shipments of methamphetamine, known as “shabu” in Southeast Asia, towards Indonesia because of the crackdown in the Philippines.

Indonesian president is now telling his cops to shoot to kill too...

but it won't work until they get the bosses and start arresting the bank presidents who launder drug money and politicians who take bribes to look the other way.


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