Thursday, August 10, 2017

Family news: Puppies!

five puppies.... born under my bed.

it could have been worse: Like the other dogs, she tried to hide under the front steps to have her babies... a small cave there, which alas floods when it rains heavily. Luckily we enticed her out in time, and we will have to keep the front door locked for a few days to make sure she doesn't decide to move there.

Ruby is getting her medical clearance for senior high school: Her PPD was 2 cm which means contact with TB (BCG vaccine causes up to a 1 cm bump...) Chest X Ray negative and docs are deciding if she needs INH.

Here, it is only given to kids, but in the US we treat this for 3 months to kill any sleeping germs.

There has been rain, ruining the evening fiesta for St Lawrence in the town square which is a block away, but the parade was done before the thunderstorm.

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