Tuesday, August 01, 2017

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Ann Althouse is sent the  original "Russians" memo that started it all, and parses what it actually said. (it turns out not much).

now if someone would just start a "CHINA" hysteria over a much more serious breach of my federal personnel file, along with 15 million other folks.

 If China can do this, why does this statement assume only Russia could have hacked a non secure server at the DNC to publicize Hillary's dirty tricks against Bernie,  something any 14 year old hacker could have done...

StrategyPage notes the murder rate in Mexico has increased.

uly 22, 2017: The new homicide numbers are out and they are not good numbers. In June 2,234 murders were committed.uly 22, 2017: The new homicide numbers are out and they are not good numbers. In June 2,234 murders were committed.

Yes, but Drudge mentions there is a "Aint' it awful" hit film on Duterte for his "war on drug dealers", which has only led to 5000 deaths (many of which are private payback by civilians who had relatives killed and can't find justice, or killing of snitches by other drug dealers).

one result of this PC hyperventillation is that Obama refused to send needed weapons for our cops, and as a result, when ISIS hit, China stepped in and sent weapons.

So when Duterte calls Obama a putanina, maybe there is a reason.

The latest hyperventilation against Duterte is about a mayor, whose family fills all the spots in a city, and who had been identified for corruption and drug dealing, was killed in a raid. The story ran in a lot of papers as if this was a political hit, but maybe not. Promayor spin here.

Of course, this is in the MB, the paper of the business community, and was a paper with a certain lovely president's photo on the front page every day for years. She got off  of course.

To understand this, you have to know how things work here...

If you are a big shot, and are merely "arrested", you can stay out of jail forever, either by bribing the proper person, or by claiming "irregularities" in the prosecution, or just by killing the witnesses against you.And often, since you have relatives in the government who can help you, you don't even have to bribe them. (the oligarchy is all related to each other, so like doctors, they tend to defend their own, for fear they will be next).

I'll give you an example.

The mayor behind the hit that killed our cousin in the crossfire died in bed ten years later, and the rumors were that he was bribing the ombudsman under a certain lovely president to stay out of jail. When a new president took over, he was finally indicted, and disappeared, only to be found four years later getting dialysis under his own name in Manila..

This was a clan feud that didn't stop with our nephew's death... . A later hit against his rival when that guy's daughter became mayor killed four people in the crossfire.

In the last election, the second clan's candidate won... and a week after Duterte's war on drugs started, there was a murder, and the mayor, whose clan who had been targeted twice, had no comment.

Presumably the message has been sent and he is now safe, at least until the last election.

I don't know if he is skimming city funds like the other clan, but you know, there have been a  lot of improvements in the city infrastructure, things that usually you usually see ignored until the months before an election, when suddenly the city discovers these things and starts to fix them. So he seems to be effective in running the city.

Drive by killings of low level politicians are commonly in the news as being killed, and often you don't know why, i.e. is it from someone they have harmed, or by their rival, or was it about their love life?  (everyone involved "knows", but strict libel laws prevent the press from telling, and if the press digs too deeply, well, that is why we have such a high mortality in reporters here).


and by the way: The latest kerfuffle is finding a huge stash of Shabu (meth) at the airport, sent from China. Smuggling? Moi? it seems that it used to pass without problem in the past, but now the guys who okayed this have been suspended...

who do you believe? Me or your lying eyes?

 Nope. Ignore the Chinese mafia connection to illegal drugs,, even when they are the cause of so many opioid deaths in the US: It's easier to blame docs, keeping docs from ordering narcs for patients in pain, while Obamacare denies needed pain surgery or experimental drugs, but will presumably pay for assisted suicide.

yes I am cynical and a bit paranoid today.

Dilbert suggests that North Korea could be stopped if America just pressured or boycotted the Chinese companies that keep them going.
Yup that would work.

But I read elsewhere in a local paper that China objected to this and made threats against the US if they tried this.

The new atheists are "in" for the SJW and hip crowd who often mock Christians. (one reason I am avoiding Face book: I am tired of being mocked, especially since most of the mocking use logical errors such as straw man arguments or cherry picking).


On Friday, it became official: The New Atheists are no longer welcome on the left. Battered, condemned, and disinvited, these godless and once-favored "public intellectuals" are now homeless, spurned by their erstwhile progressive allies. Richard Dawkins, the famously skeptical evolutionary biologist, was the last shoe to drop. He was disinvited from a speaking engagement at Berkeley because his "comments about Islam" had "offended and hurt . . . so many people," ... 


PC writer compares Trumpieboy to Louis XVI: MariaElena, who has written several books on his era, objects.

In spite of the glut of information on the internet, it seems many Americans are more ignorant and more uninformed than ever. The writer of this article in City Watch obviously knows nothing about Louis XVI, to whom he compares Trump as "a fat, foppish, little king." While Louis grew corpulent later in life he was a tall man and never foppish; he dressed simply. And I would not exactly describe Trump as any of those things either.... 
and she goes on to observe:

hatred is not the motivating force behind those who voted for Trump and until the Left understands that they will never comprehend why so many Americans support The Donald.

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