Friday, August 11, 2017

If they can hit Guam, they could hit us

The Philippine government is concerned about the NoKorean threats against Guam because 43 thousand Filipinos live there.

So far, there are only "contingency" plans being made just in case, but no one seems to be fleeing back here, so my take is that the threat is not being taken seriously.

which is a good thing, becaues if you notice this map, Guam isn't the only place they can threaten: they could hit most areas in the Philippines.

Getty Images
despite the heated rhetoric, the dirty little secret is that Seole is within the range of good old fashioned artilliary bombs from the north... the threat right now is not that they have nukes but that they have nukes small enough to fit on top of a ICBM rocket... and that fact has been known for a couple of years but not given a lot of notice in the press.

Of course, the real question is if the delicate nuke could survive the mach 5 gravity of it's trip and still explode correctly.

LiveScience has a technical article here about the various problems.

To put things into perspective: right now, my husband's daughter is visiting her son who works in Korea: no objection from her husband... but her husband forbad her to visit her sister in Mindanao, or even to visit us here in Luzon, because it was too dangerous.

No, the point is not that she is an obedient wife who obeys her husband. The point is that her husband used to work at the Pentagon and presumably has a better clue to the threat matrix than the US press who is using this crisis to bash Trumpieboy.

so Behala na: Why worry about nukes when we have to cope with everyday problems from typhoons, floods, earthquakes and Dengue fever?

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