Wednesday, August 09, 2017

PC vs science at Google: or why Heathers rule

IF you want a libertarian take on the monolithic company Google punishing thought crime, well, there are a lot of links at Instapundit.

however, if you want to know the scientific arguments cited by the man who wrote the memo and was fired, well, it took me exactly thirty seconds to google (actually duckcuckgo) two articles that support his opinion.

Prenatal testosterone and gender related behavior

testosterone exposure during critical periods of early development produces permanent behavioural changes. In humans, affected behaviours include childhood play behaviour, sexual orientation, core gender identity and other characteristics that show sex differences (i.e. differ on average between males and females).

and this more recent one that apologizes for their findings (!)

On the effects of testosterone on brain behavioral functions

Despite current efforts of the European commission to combat gender issues with respect to gender equality, men and women are different in several important aspects (Cahill, ). These aspects include cognitive functioning and behavioral traits. Some of these may be socially induced, but scientists have showed on intact animals that other factors such as genetics and gender itself are mostly responsible for the sex differences in behavior and cognition. 
this is a long article that goes into details.

and there are a lot more articles from where they came from. LINK

The effect of hormones on the brain, especially during prenatal development, is an important issue
Since humans are not monoliths, the studies have to use statistical data, which can be affected by culture, or use animal behavior, which may not correlate to humans.

This has implications for the modern world, given the large amounts of chemical pollution in the environment, Wikipedia article on Xenoestrogen..

Xenoestrogens have been introduced into the environment by industrial, agricultural and chemical companies and consumers only in the last 70 years or so, but archiestrogens have been a ubiquitous part of the environment even before the existence of the human race given that some plants (like the cereals and the legumes) are using estrogenic substances possibly as part of their natural defence against herbivore animals by controlling their male fertility.[3][4]The potential ecological and human health impact of xenoestrogens is of growing concern.[5] 

Hmm.. it makes one wonder if the lower sperm count in men (and the epidemic of "transgender" children) has environmental aspects.... not to mention if this might be one reason that breast cancer is epidemic, or that diabetes and obesity are now epidemic in many developed countries.

and what about that decrease in sperm count, which has  again been in the headlines. Maybe our chemicals will cause Children of Men to echo reality in some future date.

One more comment:

I am a woman who went to medical school in the 1960's, when women were only 7 percent of doctors. So yes, I know about prejudice.

But ironically usually by being straightforward I could befriend the guys and get along with them.

The real problems I ran into were from "mean girls", usually a clique among the nurses, who sabotaged me and other doctors they disliked (often putting patients at risk) and then blaming me when I got angry, so I was the one who was reprimanded...

So I Read this episode at Google not as political correctness per se, but as a company that is being manipulated by a clique of mean girls.

Why do they bully?

because they can.

Heathers, anyone?

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