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You're fired: the pope finally found a sinner he will condemn

"Who Am I to judge?" has been used by some "theologians" and even bishops to justify promiscuity, divorce, living in sin, the gay lifestyle, and more recently, assisted suicide in Canada.

No problem here, folks, (and if you don't like it, just shut up).

I lived in Boston and in Altoona, so excuse me from asking: One wonders if there is any sin that will upset the Pope or his bishops enough to excommunicate the unrepentant sinner.

Ah, but someone is in deep doodoo: A Colombian broadcaster who dared to say out loud that the Pope is supposed to support Church laws and dogmas, and by the way, hey: isn't there something in Canon law that say conspiracies to elect a pope are a no no?

(He is referring to the rumor is that liberal German and Italian bishops, led by a Dutch pedophile enabling Cardinal conspired to take over the conclave.).

He dared to criticize the Pope!


Instant excommunication!

Full ddiscussion of the nuances here.

Of course, the Pope is already unpopular in Colombia for his "compassionate" approach to FARC in the peace process: A lot of Colombians, even those of us who have had relatives on both sides of the fight, are aghast, because the tipping point is not the low level amnesty (which has been done before) but the "get out of jail free" card for the leaders, many of whom morphed years ago from "freedom fighters" to drug cartel leaders. Many Colombians have suffered from those thugs are up in arms. Indeed, the original peace treaty was thrown out by voters because it let the leaders get away with their murders scott free.

But this has deeper implications:  this is a shot across the bow that Michael Voris' ubercatholic shows might be in trouble too.

and it is a warning that the "Dubia" bishops who brought up the same irregularities might be next.

But it is also warning against EWTN.

They already are on the watchlist for progressives as evil right wingers, but they are also hated by the reformers in the church because their founder, Mother Angelica, fought against them when they tried to take over her network. ("I"ll  blow the damn thing up" before I let them have it she remarked).

Later, she got into trouble for defending the Eucharist against a certain pedophile enabling Cardinal whose guidelines were a bit heretical. She apologized, but anyone who actually saw her "apology" knows she got the last word in.

.. the kerfuffle led to her making the network independent of the bishops under a lay board.

But her influence on American Catholicism might be one reason that the Pope's minions are aghast that some American bishops dare to defend Catholic dogma.

So when the Pope's minions smeared American Catholics, at least one bishop did manage to push back.

So no one is allowed to criticize the Pope? Yes. That is not the meaning of infallibility, by the way. But never mind.

If a good Catholic like Dante write in his book that a (still living) Pope is going to hell for his political shenanigans, then why not permit people to criticize a Pope who pushes green politics with the NWO ideas (including that of radical population control)? And how does one stay silent with a Pope who insists  immorality is "Nuanced", or who sits back quietly  while his minions criticize those of us who think killing babies and old people is wrong, because "politics"?

Of course, as the saying goes: "don't attribute to malice what could be explained by stupidity".

so is this reaching out to the art community, as the bishop claims, or is it a prophetic depiction of Ungoliant sucking the life and light out of the local church?

Photo credit: CBC

and so why do I still remain Catholic?

The Eucharist.

And because, despite Tagle pushing the green agenda and running for Pope, our local church still is faithful: the sermon today was about marriage and fidelity, against the government plan to legalize divorce.

Catholics judge the church by their local church: the idea that the Pope is a king above criticism is not exactly true.

and what is going, i.e. a fight to change the church to make it more acceptable to the world, is one that has gone on for 2000 years.

Agnes Sasagawa, call your office.

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