Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Headlines below the fold

Joe Biden called for Jury Duty.

The veep... went virtually unnoticed by at least one member of the jury pool when he arrived Monday morning, according to the Delaware News Journal's Sean O'Sullivan.

the bad news: Obama (and most of us docs) claim we are too busy and are excused, but the news story says (tongue in cheek) "apparently Biden didn't have that excuse"


Time Magazine complains that Sarah Palin put the flag on the wrong side when she gave her speech.
well, at least, unlike other politicians, she knows what symbols like the flag or the National Anthem means to ordinary folks, and tried to show her respect.

Bad news: Apparently they didn't get the memo from the WaPost to ignore her.


Was Genghis Khan the world's Greenest conquerer?

He only killed 40 million people, spread the black death, ruined the irrigation systems that fed the middle east but hey, it allowed nature to take over, right? So that makes him green.

The bad news: I'm not sure this is a satire.

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