Saturday, February 09, 2013

Stuff below the fold

Most Tolkien geeks know that one reason Tolkien got published was that his publisher's 11 year old son like the book the Hobbit.

But TORN has other small coincidences that are behind the movies.

from Jim Carrey to Jar Jar Binks...


Animals made from wood from Toxel.
Russian artist Sergey Bobkov makes realistic looking animals out of wood.

Detailed wooden sculptures take many hours to complete and in the end they look like real birds, rodents, and other animals.


Remembering the Great Meteor Shower of 1913...

Image Credit & Copyright: RASC Archives ; Acknowledgement: Bradley E. Schaefer (LSU)

One hundred years ago today the Great Meteor Procession of 1913 occurred, a sky event described by some as "magnificent" and "entrancing" and which left people feeling "spellbound" and "privileged". Because one had to be in a right location, outside, and under clear skies, only about 1,000 people noted seeing the procession. Lucky sky gazers -- particularly those near Toronto, Canada -- had their eyes drawn to an amazing train of bright meteors streaming across the sky, in groups, over the course of a few minutes. A current leading progenitor hypothesis is that a single large meteor once grazed the Earth's atmosphere and broke up. When the resulting pieces next encountered the Earth, they came in over south-central Canada, traveled thousands of kilometers as they crossed over the northeastern USA, and eventually fell into the central Atlantic ocean. Pictured above is a digital scan of a halftone hand-tinted image by the artist Gustav Hahn who was fortunate enough to witness the event first hand

Lost Worlds reports that DNA studies show that Yeller dogs of the Carolinas and the Chihuahua were originally from...America and Asia (not brought from Europe.)


And if your cat has to confront an angry Chihuahua, could I suggest you buy him one of these?

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