Monday, February 24, 2014

Stories, we like stories

CiDevant blog notes the good (the return of the strong woman) the bad (the whitewashing of Cromwell, and ignoring the bad side of the Dutchess of Winsor) and the Ugly (making Anne Boleyn such a B***** that one can't see why anyone would love her).

 I like historical fiction, but not when the fiction makes people act and think like 21st century upper class feminists. I just threw away another novel about Africa because the dialogue seemed to be more existentionalist/ introspective comments than African (and not really compatible with Bantu syntax or customs. For example: You have to say hello and then ask about your family etc. before you start a conversation)...

that's not to say all African novels written are wrong: Cry the Beloved country gets a lot right, as does Maya Angelou's autographical writings. Actually I first read Maya Angelou in Africa, where a local nurse recommended her books to me. This was in urban West Africa, not rural Southeast Africa: the cultures are not the same...

Eric Metaxas talks about his biography of Bonhoffer here and also has a link to a series of bible studies on Bonhoffer.

One is previewed here on youtube: 


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