Friday, February 27, 2015

UH: Paranoid conspiracy theories abound

What was Charlotte Bronte doing in Brussels, and what happened there.


Who needs death panels when the "ethics committee" can stop your treatment, not because it is futile or because you are dying, but just because you are developmentally disabled and they think you lack quality of life.


did the "reformist" European cardinals (illegally) push the present pope behind the scenes?

And who illegally stole the mail to stop the bishops at the synod from reading a book defending the traditional approach to marriage?

The Art Bell theory is that the reformers want to hijack the church to make it into a PC church for the NWO.


what happened to the rare earth crisis?


what does the internet takeover mean? the conspiracy sites are going wild... but so is the FCC commissioner.

ah, but it's only the gov't stopping big bad business from taking it over, so it's okay.

no internet censorship here....
except of course by Google...

 Growingteenager in Malaysia says that google will now censor adult content and nudity on blogger...

I try to keep this blog PG, but have other blogs that no one reads that does include RRated stuff...especially my medical blog...
wonder if they'll censor my illustrations of FGM? or about STD risk factors?

and nope,the UN says they won't take it over: Old article here.

as for the Philippines: they tried to pass a strict internet law here a couple of years ago, including banning "libel", meaning it would be illegal to even hint about wrongdoing...but I think the courts stopped it.


First take over the internet, then ban bullets.

But don't worry: with 3d printers, you can make your own.

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