Thursday, February 26, 2015

Family News

Chona came over with three girls from the farm to scrub our small house down. We have a maid comes for light cleaning and to do the laundry twice a week, but usually not heavy cleaning. I replaced the older bookcase with a new one. It's cheap but will do, and instead of ivory and plain, this one is slightly fancy with glass doors making me think it is probably a china closet, but never mind. It holds most of my books. We donated the sofa and chairs back to the farm. We bought them to furnish the farm 10 years ago, but they were damaged by leaks, cats and dogs so we didn't use them any more, and they need to be put in the sun and scrubbed to get rid of the bugs. Lolo is having trouble breathing at night, a lowgrade fever, and is up and down all night. I have him on antibiotics. the good news is that his daughter will come for his 90th birthday party in two weeks. We are cleaning up the entire compound in preparation for the party.

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