Sunday, April 19, 2015

Good news (below the fold)

DrE reports from Iran that President Rouhani supports protecting the wet lands of the Caspian Sea area.

.The wetland  which extends over 19000 hectares and plays an important role in the ecosystem and livelihoods of millions has faced many challenges during recent decades.  The government of Dr. Rouhani has laid much emphasis on the restoration programs for this wetland particularly in conjunction and support of the Government of Japan. In my report I noted that the restoration plan for Anzali is now prepared and will be underway this year. Prevention of soil erosion in the larger water basin including protection of forests, waste management,  sewerage treatment and sustainable agriculture practices are all very important

The Celtfather, MarkGunn, has posted a three hour  podcast of instrumental Celtic music.



Presurfer links to an article answering the really really important question of the day: Why do Humans have chins?

no, not to help you evolved because your head got larger.

(No, I'm not sure I believe that one).


DaveBarry reports:

The Hoff is back. 
And he's better than basically better than the same as ever. 


for later reading: Tribalism in America:
Because the ultimate question in a polyglot society — or a polyglot field of the arts — is whether or not you (and your tribe) can make room in your hearts and minds for the people from the other tribes. Are the other tribes really dangerous? Or are you simply worried that by letting the outside tribes mingle with the inside tribe, you will lose the authenticity and flavor that you believe makes your tribe special?
the author is in a inter-racial marriage...and the dirty little secret is that this is common by the third generation for immigrants in the USA...

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Grendel and Beowulf in popular culture.


via improbableresearch:

Feynman on the difference between knowing names and real science, which is about what's going on.

film link

quick, before the copyright cops find it's there:

Surely you're joking Mr Feynman...


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