Monday, May 30, 2016

two minute hate on facebook: Memorial day edition

The two minute hate on facebook today is a vile poem ridiculing soldiers that they died for oil, and essentially saying they were stupid.

So I asked politely if my husband, who fought with his brother against the Japanese who invaded his homeland, was included in her mockery.

Presumably she is a millenial and knows nothing about history, because actually oil (and rubber) were reasons that Japan invaded the Philippines.

FDR, in response to the terrible atrocities that Japan was committing against Chinese civilians in their war there, placed an oil embargo against Japan.

So they decided to get to the oil fields south of us, and while they were at it, to the rubber plantations of Malaysia.

What stood in the way was the US fleet in Pearl Harbor, and of course the Philippines.

Hence, World War II was due to oil...

The trouble with leftists is that they clamp on a meme and repeat it. It makes life simple, and they just keep hitting their straw man and repeat their simplistic lies so they can feel superior. America bad, capitalism bad. Evil America nuked Japan. Tch tch.Don't think, don't logically look at a complicated problem. Just repeat the two minute hate, and voila, you are part of the smart people of the world.

9 million Chinese civilians killed by Japan? 100 thousand Filipinos massacred when the Japanese were forced out of Manila by MacArthur? No, nothing to see here, folks, just move along.

And if you object to being ridiculed, you are racist, fascist, or just plain stupid.

And they never imagine that anyone would disagree with them, or be hurt or angry from the obvious lies and ridicule we are confronted with every day, without a way to say: But wait a second, what about...

Hence Trump.

I am as good as anyone in repeating conspiracy theories,about evil oil but what about the alternative?

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